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What is your biggest asset? [VIDEO]

We often don't identify our biggest asset correctly.
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Average Rate of Return is Not What You Think [VIDEO]

If you had an investment that was certain to get a 25 percent average rate of return over 4 years, does that sound good?
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Volatility Buffer [VIDEO]

Most advisors recommend taking no more than 3-4 percent out of your investments each year, because losses hurt you in retirement far more than gains help you. But what if you had another bucket to draw from?
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Only 28 Percent of the Gains? [VIDEO]

We've all heard that higher risk gives you the potential of higher reward in the stock market. But how much risk do you actually need to get a good return?
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Does your health insurance pay you or your doctor? [VIDEO]

Would you leave your family in a burning building to take care of your doctor first?
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Financial Myths [VIDEO]

If everything you thought was true turned out not to be, when would you want to know about it?
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