What is your biggest asset? [VIDEO]

We often buy insurance to protect our biggest asset, but often don’t identify our biggest asset correctly.

Let’s say you have a house worth $500,000, so you insure the house for a potential loss of $500,000. If your car were worth $40,000, you’d insure it for the potential loss of $40,000.

But what about your biggest asset – your income? If you are 35 years old, earning $100,000 per year and lose your income, your potential loss is over $3,000,000.

You can insure your income with life insurance, to protect your dependents if you die, but what if you only half die? Disability insurance can help protect your income and your family, even if you only “half die.”

How long can you and your family afford to go without a paycheck? Call us today to find out how to protect your largest asset.

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