Volatility Buffer [VIDEO]

How much can you afford to take out of your investments in retirement, without the fear of running out of money?

Most advisors recommend taking no more than 3-4 percent out of your investments each year, because losses hurt you in retirement far more than gains help you. But what if you had another bucket to draw from? We call this the Volatility Buffer.

If you have enough in a liquid, safe account, accessible without taxes and protected from loss, you can draw from that bucket in any market down years.

When the market is up, you can take retirement income out of your investments. When the market is down, you can take income out of your volatility buffer account, and allow the market investments to recover.

If you have just a few years of volatility buffer saved, you can take a much higher distribution from your market assets in the good years, without fear of running out of money.

Don’t hold yourself hostage to a low withdrawal rate in retirement - call us today to find out how to take advantage of the volatility buffer strategy.

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