Howard John Ong

Howard John Ong


Office: 888-263-4434
Mobile: (817) 965-8084
Fax: (240) 578-4525

Howard "John" Ong has over 35 years of success in business and finance with both leading organizations as well as a business owner, entreprenuer, and investor.

John holds an MSIA in Finance from the Purdue University and a MPA in Budgeting from N.M.S.U.  


John enjoys custom cars, auto sports, fishing, computers, socializing, and helping others.

John is a very unique and diverse person.  Although he has been highly successful, he is also a very down to earth person that people from all walks of life like because of his personal touch and understanding as a friend and someone who cares.


John understands the difficulties that people face in life.  He helps people through his work in the Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, and local area Chambers of Commerce.  He is driven by a personal passion and mission to help people live better and stay out of trouble.  He is focused on safely putting money back into people's pockets so people can easily have more of what they want by not losing money unknowingly.

The needs of people, his friends, and clients are his priority.