Daniel Razvi, Esquire

Daniel Razvi, Esquire

Senior Partner, COO

Office: 888-263-4434
Mobile: (443) 340-6770

Daniel Razvi, Esquire is the Senior Partner and COO at Higher Ground Financial Group.   He is passionate about his work of standing for protection of each client in their current situation and giving guidance in laying groundwork to facilitate them taking steps toward the best possible future that they could have.

Daniel is a people person.  He is a great listener and thoroughly enjoys getting to know his clients.  Daniel has a passion for understanding the needs of his clients and has a desire to educate people on navigating the intricacies of the legal and tax considerations in making sound decisions for their future.  Also the Senior Partner of Higher Ground Legal, Daniel has, over the past decade, developed the ability to see the big picture when looking toward the future.   

In his personal time Daniel delights in being a husband and father, especially reading books to his young daughter and worshiping together with his family as part of his Christian faith.  He enjoys taking his daughter around the yard to visit their horses and sheep or play with the dogs. 

Daniel is a classically trained pianist, passionate about classical music, and can often be found attending the orchestra.  He is fond of traveling, particularly enjoying visiting our country’s plethora of extraordinary National Parks.  In his spare time, Daniel pours his heart into being the COO of Conquered By Love Ministries, a charitable organization that assists in the bonding of adopted children and their families.